WHO’s in focus?
Our primary focus is to capture the two of you at your best celebration yet, going through the motions.
Every beat, is observed tenderly by our Videosmiths.
The Family & Friends:
A very important group of people who can assist us in telling a more beautiful story are your beloved family & friends.
We will get acquainted with key family members or closest of friends
(of your choice) to collect more personal and heartfelt dialogues to accentuate your wedding film.
WHAT’s happening during your big day?
From Prep-Wrap!
We will be there to collect all the significant pre-solemnisation & pre-reception preparations.
As a standard procedure, we remain at your wedding throughout, right til’ the end!
Special Performances
If you tell us in advance, we will prepare our Videosmith for your event to standby the necessary equipment.
From the live band playing to the dance number your cousins surprised you with, we are more than happy to
professionally archive them for you!
WHERE will your wedding be held? The wedding venue of your choice. Be it in your apartment/void deck/community centre/hotel/ROM/mph we will make sure special attention will be taken to the surroundings, architecture & deco. The facade & interior have a big part to play in introducing the setting.


The story of you guys.
Everyone has an interesting journey. Share your significant memories with us and we will be thrilled to express it through film for you.
The more we know about your story, the easier it us for us to connect the dots together to produce a fantastic final product.
Being with Family:
It is just this warm feeling that gets us when we see families celebrating weddings.
It reminds us to treasure every living happy moment we have with our families.


Our team consists of specialists who are committed to their craft.

Our main departments

the Admin dept (paperwork people)
the Visually Creative dept (Videosmiths)
the Excellent Editors (who compile and finalise your product)

Our team is ever ready at every step of the way from booking us, to your event day and the post-production.


In this generation, many of us are are constantly exposed to cinema. We perfect our skills by analysing tens of films and applying film techniques in our work.

We are proud of the long heritage and traditions that exist in our wedding industry, and we do our utmost best to archive them with love.


We grew up falling in love with the idea of being in love, and today our aim is to spread the good message of love.

Our job is to archive your wedding memories into an unforgettable film. That’s our way of singing “catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away…”

The most popular itinerary runs for 10 hours.
Our rates start from $1600.
To view our Price List, please fill out:
We will divide your total bill into 3 payments.
1. Deposit
Our min. deposit amount of $400 to secure your dates with us.
You may choose to make 25% of your total bill if that works better for you.
2. Event Fee
Your next 50% payment is required at least 3 days before your wedding event through internet banking/funds transfer.
Once payment is received we will send you the revised invoice as soon as we can.
3. Film Preview
About 84 working days after your wedding we will invite you to our studio to preview your final film(s).  The last payment is required before we process the dvd and thumbdrive.
You will either get
-Solemnisation & Reception in 2 separate chapters or
-our Signature one full-length Feature Film.
Your final films will be presented to you in 2 DVDs & a thumb drive.

84 working days from the first working day after your wedding event.

Email umi@thevideosmith.com or
whatsapp #thevideosmith- 82906279 and arrange for a good time for all of us to meet!